Southern Berks Regional EMS

Compassionate care, trusted treatment

Compassionate care, trusted treatment

Compassionate care, trusted treatmentCompassionate care, trusted treatmentCompassionate care, trusted treatment

Services Offered

911 Emergency Services



Advanced Life Support Services:

Patients that require Advanced Support (ALS) include those with chest pain, respiratory distress, strokes, and severe injuries. In these cases, a Paramedic or Advanced EMT will care for you, both at the scene and en route to the hospital. ALS providers have the ability to monitor your heart rhythm, initiate intravenous (IV) lines, administer life saving medications and much more. 

Basic Life Support Services:

Patients who are not having any life threatening emergencies and do not require advanced life support care qualify for Basic Life Support (BLS) services. These patients will include those with minor illnesses, simple fractures and strains, pain after falls, and controlled bleeding. In these cases the Emergency Medical Technician will care for you on the scene and en route to the hospital.

Non-Emergency Transportation



Paratransit Services:

Southern Berks Regional EMS operates five wheelchair units. These units are specially equipped to safely transport wheelchair bound individuals for any medical reason such as doctors appointments. We also offer paratransit services for non-medical related events such as family functions, weddings, and holidays.

Non-Emergency Ambulance Transportation:

Southern Berks Regional EMS also offers non-emergency ambulance transportation. This service is available to anyone who is bedbound and cannot be safely transported by other means. This service will provide two certified Emergency Medical Technicians that will accompany you for the transportation. The EMTs will monitor your vital signs and assist you in any way they can.

Specialty Care Transportation 

Additionally, Southern Berks Regional EMS offers specialty care transportation for critically ill patients who require more in depth advanced life support care and monitoring. These transports typically come to us as referrals from a local hospital for patients who need to be transported to a specialty resource facility.   

Please call our Administration Office and speak with our Dispatcher who will assist with scheduling all of your medical transportation needs.

Event Standby Services


Southern Berks Regional EMS is able to offer Basic Life Support and Advanced Life Support event standby services for your special event. We will use our extensive experience to help you set up exactly the amount of EMS staffing you will need for your event. No event is too big or too small. 

Some of the many organizations that we provide event standby services for include Maple Grove Raceway, Pagoda Motorcycle Club, Governor Mifflin School District, and Daniel Boone School District.

If you would like more information on our event standby services please contact our business office during normal business hours.